Wade O. Brown So Glad Lyrics

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Verse 1
Driving around it's a beautiful day
So many girls getting in my way
But none as half as pretty as you
You're the only one this time it's true
I can't wait to get myself home
Even the sight of you really turns me on
So good to have you in my life
To brighten my days and to cool my nights

I'm just so glad (So glad so glad so glad)
And I want you oh so bad (So bad so bad so bad) And I want you girl And I'm really oh so glad (So glad so glad so glad)
I'll give you everything I have (I have I have I have) Cause I love you girl and I'm so d___ glad

Verse 2
Hello world what a beautiful morning
Eggs on the stove and my lady is smiling
I'm feeling on top of the world
Just like the daddy of a brand new baby girl
Nothing is better than the sweet feeling
Of a s__ual and emotional healing
With someone you really care about
I found the one I can't live without


Tonight let me take of your clothes
And put you in a new silky robe
Wanna lay your body down
So turn off the lights and unplug the phone
It's gonna be a night of love
Like you never ever seen before
So get ready - please be ready
Because I'm taking your body & soul

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