Set It Straight So Many Questions Lyrics

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Since whend did we become sophisticated?
Since when did we fade away?
Over time we've changed our ways,
priorities get rearranged.

Where is the hope?
Whatever happened to motivation?
Since when did competition rule?
Where are we from?
What have we become?
Is it too late?
Is there anything left to save?
The answers lie within.
I'll ask myself, just in case:
can you recognize this face?
I mean it when I say,
I think we've gone astray
from our individuality.
Is it too late?
Have we forgot?
What is our motivation?
Where is the inspiration?
It starts with us.
It starts with me.
It starts with you.
I'm still holding on
to this ideal
that there still may be some hope.
This hope must be created.
I'm still holding on to this ideal.
Our lives are in our hands.

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