Waco Jesus So Many Ways to Kill Lyrics

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Gore! More f****** gore
So many ways to kill a m***********
Like stringing 'em up for a slow grizzly torture
Plenty more to mutilate
Plenty more to desecrate
Blood! More f****** blood
I watch the body convulse in f****** agony
Unable to scream cause I've punctured both kidneys
Plenty more to terrorize
Plenty more to brutalize
Clubbing you with a crowbar
Smashing in your skull
Disciple of the Devil
You're never found and I'm always on the hunt
For another one
Carving out your eyes
Then I smash 'em with my boot
Both barrels up your c***
And then I f****** shoot
I watch your body bleed out
From a thousand dripping slits
Then I soak you in a chemical
That eats away the skin
Infected by
Mind-rotting visions
Of bodily skinnings
Burnings and
Bashed and slashed
In and out of consciousness
Then a hatchet to the head
Brings you to your knees
A hammer to the hatchet
The split is complete
So many ways to kill
So many ways to kill
So many ways to kill
So many ways to kill

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