Tahiti 80 Solitary bizness Lyrics

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Won't you dig a little deeper
And overcome the pain in your bleeding fingers
Who knows, you might find some treasure
Or something strange that belongs to none other.

Most of the time, you work hard for nothing
and no-one sees or they don't give a d___
No you don't, need the validation
just scratch the surface then you'll know exactly where you are...

It's here, and you're alone and it's OK
You're doing nothing wrong.

open it up, what are you waiting for ?
just skip the first step, take it straight to the next.
It will always be a solitary business,
but at least it gives you some peace of mind.

It's here, and you're alone and it's OK
you're doing nothing wrong.
The Past, the Present and the Possible Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Defender
  • 2 Darlin' (Adam & Eve Song)
  • 3 Gate 33
  • 4 Solitary bizness
  • 5 Want Some?
  • 6 Easy
  • 7 The Past, the Present & The Possible
  • 8 Nightmares
  • 9 Rain, Steam & Speed
  • 10 Crack Up (extended mix)
  • 11 4:00 AM
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