Races Song of Birds Lyrics

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I’m still learning how to untie love
And I’ve pulled apart almost everyone
But teeth and claws and all unwanted dreams
They’re still binding you to me
I don’t blame you
I don’t mind
The way I’ll forget about you in time
This morning I awoke to the sound of birds
And I understood all their words
They spoke of the sky and tales of when
They’d dance on clouds and fight the wind
And all those sides of you I’ve seen
I don’t know which to believe
I much prefer being alone
With the birds and their songs
Cuz they won’t leave
I remember winter in Nemours
And making love on your bedroom floor
Those memories won’t ever leave
They keep on coming back to me
Love is like a host
It swears to provide
But the favor expires in time
Last night I dreamed you came back
Your sweet blue eyes, they had turned to black
You were smiling, bruised, and scratched
You’d been had
And now you’ve gone bad
And all those sides of you I’ve seen
Which would you have me believe
I am trying to prefer being alone
With the birds

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