Face of Evil Sons of Carnage Lyrics

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In a time now since long ago gone
The days of my vigorous youth
The frost was biting hard
Armageddon cast a spell over the village of the d***ed
The tide of destruction drew near
The orders from Satan were clear
Desecrate this village, annihilate all life
In legion with Hell I attacked

With hatred's forces alive in me
Raging with l*** for the kill, the l*** to impale
Naked, bleeding corpses in the snow
Massacre of women and children
Black blood pulsates in my veins
I carry the Message of Evil
The screams of wanton bloodlust
Echoes ghastly in the midwinter sky

I prayed to the God of the Dead
I summoned the maniac's force to stride in abhorrence
I laughed as I torched a newborn child
I claimed my reward
To sodomize the prisoners of war
Before night became day
The chosen SONS OF CARNAGE rode away

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