Tim Hart and Maddy Prior Sorry the Day I Was Married Lyrics

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Sorry the day I was married
And sorry the day I was wed
And it's Oh, if I only had tarried
When I to the altar was led.

Young William sure there's no pleasing
For let women do what they can
It's always your heart they'll be teasing
For that is the way of a man.

When I was a young lass I was bonnie
Had silks and bright jewels to wear
And red were me cheeks like a berry
And me heart it was free from all care.

Silks now I have none for me wearing
Me jewels have all gone away
And surely this life there's no bearing
I'm pale as a primrose today.

Think, pretty maids, ere you marry
Stand fast by your sweet liberty
And as long as you can you must tarry
And not be lamenting like me.

(repeat first verse)
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