Oblivion Machine Space Confinement Lyrics

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Space weighs upon the chest from inside
Feel the cold grows in the dark
Space weighs upon the chest from outside
Black forms stare around

I hover in nowhere inane
Like a feather drift away
Deny social spheres blame
I have just to say

Fuck your rules and morals
Cause' it's damn suffocation
Fuck your political games
Fuck the church fuck religion
Fuck your wars and laws
Fuck your business
Fuck hypocrisy
Fuck your idols
Fuck your commonplace (say again)
Fuck your weakness
Fuck your ignorance (say again)
Fuck you all

No matter how i try to run
To escape no
My place not
Is not here on planet Earth

Void inside of me
A thousand millions of parsecs
Echo within
Wretched num
The assymetric shape

Space around me
A thousand millions of parsecs
Suppress me
I don't know
Try to know
The meaning of it all

Prisoner of the flesh
Just suffer from amnesia
Moving my breath
Towards death
To make my eyes wide open

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