Pusha T Speakers Going Hammer Freestyle Lyrics

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[Hook - Soulja Boy]
I wake up, early in the morning
Around the crack of dawning
Wave to my neighbors like wassup? wassup?
And ...tad it up, get bang in my truck
Everybody in my city show me love
Because I have the speakers going hammer
Speakers going hammer, speakers going hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer
The dough boy version though. Yeah

Back up in this b____ n____s free to go
It was all good just a key ago
Price for the 20 all I need to know
Still moving snow like it's 3 below
You trace hard while I Cape Cod
You n____s Lil B's to the Based God
I've been cooking, is you mistooking?
Chi town plug got the city jooking
Givenchy motorcycle leathers
Mad max 5 stacks till it look this weathered
Small circle bad b____es all think they clever
The mix once whole shape and recycle better
Sit them on a curve when I'm done with them
She oblivious a girl wanna come with them
Can't blame her other n____s can't run with 'em
Husein Bolt through these b____es then I'm done with them


[Outro - Pusha T]
I picks her up, right?
She tells me:
'Oh I thought I saw you earlier'
'This guy had a Range Rover just like you'
I said Range Rover??
This ain't no m_________in Range Rover
This a G55 130 thousand dollars of winter throwaway money
You must be out your f___ing mind
See I could tell you ain't gonna be around long
You ain't doing enough m_________ing homework on your n_____
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