Laghonia Speed Fever Lyrics

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I see... whe you ride
Beside you... is your soul
You feel... all the highway
When you're... free on your wheels
The wind blows your hair
The sun... makes your glasses shine
The guy... tells me, why you run?
Cause im free... like your mind is
Going, rolling, living lonely over roads
Getting, lovers, lovers anyway you going

It's the symbol of your freedom
Riding on your motorcycle
Etcetera Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Someday
  • 2 Mary Ann
  • 3 I'm a Niger
  • 4 Everybody on Monday
  • 5 Lonely People
  • 6 Speed Fever
  • 7 Oh! Tell Me July
  • 8 It's Marvellous
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