Zero Zero Speed Garage Lyrics

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On the roof acting cool
And the faces become one and spread like a sheet
Im no fool like a hurricane
Summer came wed climb over the last train
And when school would be through
Wed take to the basements
Play broken instruments
Die for a seven inch
And darkness falls on the town of edison diasappear without a sound
Watch the world spin around

AM Gold Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 True Zero
  • 2 AM Gold
  • 3 Pink and Green
  • 4 Hello, How Are You?
  • 5 Pep Sounds
  • 6 Listen, Listen
  • 7 Xanadu
  • 8 Back to Hell
  • 9 Speed Garage
  • 10 D Minus
  • 11 Team Minus Zero
  • Artists A to Z: