XO Skeletons Spider Earth Lyrics

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Spider earth between spider heaven and hell
Spider earth between spider heaven and hell
I'm in your webs and your legs
Holy baby
I migraine with the mites
And ex-nests of mice
I put my fangs on for you

Hanging around
The locker rooms of my heart
The shower nozzles of love
There's nothing else I could do
Pre-fab pukes on
Some collegiate lawn
If I'm a three-legged dog
Then I'm a three-legged dog

Post-f*** yawns on
A problematic dawn
I've got bats in my head
I've got everything wrong
There are no soul-mates
As you put all your money on tarot cards
If they shoot at me,
I hope to be hit in the left arm or heart...
People have been taking shots at them for years
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