Woodpigeon Spirehouse Lyrics

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Don't you hide, there's true love there inside
I don't mind, and noone knows your will

It comes in time, the shadows where you'll find
A jagged line, cuts through to you to me

And oh, I'll miss you most,
you'll never know
But oh, kiss my throat,
I won't say no

So won't you try, the life outside the light
And don't you mind, they know it all and still

I can't quite find, you often at a time
I can't quite hide, there's true love there inside


But oh, don't give it away

The spire on the hill
The words and the will
The miles left until
The warmth and the still


On the way from who knows when
Down the road from never been
On the way and movin' in
Found the spot where love begins


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