Ed Cash Stand Beside Him Lyrics

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A little boy grew up in this world
Searching to find some things to make him smile
A little girl doing the same thing
While the Lord knew that love would find each child
And each child would find love
A love that grows
A love to last them as long as forever
So the search began while the answer was known
And here they are on this wonderful day together

Stand beside Him children
So that you can stand beside each other
Follow His ways, give to Him your praise
And you'll never have to run for cover
'Cause He'll be your shelter
So the two of them grew up over night
Ain't it funny how the time just slipped away
And as they both pursued the Higher Light
They found each other on the way
And he asked her for her heart
As she took his
And the love they shared would never be broken
Cause they were held together like the cross
That took away their sins as a token (of God's love)


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