Half Hearted Hero Start Where You Are Lyrics

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The sun is awake, it screams through the city and streams through the streets
The pavement's aglow
Through half-melted ice buildings are reflected and brought down to earth
We tower above them like nothing now
Do you wonder how atop a bicycle you feel no pain?
And in living here, the level of fear is easy enough to surpass
Though, I've seen bravery shatter like glass
We're all bleeding hearts and our sleeves are dripping red
As our blood is thinned within summer skin we let the night take over again
Today, a year in the past: it feels like I've crashed and burned since then
When will I learn to take what I'm worth and put that to work?
It never works out like you planned
Now I'm bored and I break at the slightest shake
I take what I can get in this town, but I wonder if I should just get out
I'm a bleeding heart and it pains me to no end
Yes, my blood is thinned but I've thicker skin
Than on the night when this all began; where do I begin?
I should start where I am, this open road and open mind go hand in hand
Like singing spheres in silent space, I'll find my way
No, I'll make my way

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