Hammercult Stealer of Souls Lyrics

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Night falls, death calls
The creature returns from beyond
Black curse, hate spawns, storming the dawn
Sharp fangs, red eyes
Scorching the mist crimson light
Wind howls, moon shines
Whispers my name in the night
No cure, imure, death lure
They call me the stealer of souls
Now, from hell below I crawl
From the graves they hear my call
As the flesh rejoices my soul
Rise again before the dawn
From the depths I will return

Pure scorn, bones dust
Feast on your corpse in the dawn
Fresh souls, flesh l***
Allows me to outlive the sun
No chance to fight
No blade that can pierce through my skin
Hear them cry out - the spirits I've taken within
From the rotten flesh I crawl
As the night enlightens my call
Rise again before the dawn
From the depths I steal your soul

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