Radon Step Mother Earth Lyrics

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nothing fancy, no paternal throne,
just a place I can always return to when my head's hangin' low.
All I need is a friend I can turn to, no one famous,
not some upper class clone,
just a friend I can go all berserk with when my head's hangin' low.
Ask a man why he never cries,
ask a woman why she's never at home,
I saw her on the deck of the Enterprise,
enslaved on a planet unknown.
My old man said to me just the other day,
here's some wisdom that you'll never outgrow,
rest assured that someday
"we're all gonna die, and time is worth more than gold."
Who burned my piece of American pie?
Hey you, with your upwardly mobile home,
who made your status go so high?
I know, I know, I know why.


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