Unbirth Sterile Planets Lyrics

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I tried to seep the void of omnipotence to discover its delusive nature
I’ve been so close to achieve the secrets of time that time itself calculated its own paradox
And I burrowed myself deep within the scorched icons of my imagination
Where unders layers of ashes hide the ancient empires that witnessed the day on which jupiter’s eyelids reopened
Beyond revelations of forgotten entities I witnessed the birth of light and darkness
Vanity, vengeance, redemption
Claimed by a dying divinity to preserve its authority
Vanity, vengeance, redemption
I wander through sterile planets
And now the observant heavens gather to create multiple dimensions on which doors of infinity open
The breath of centuries and reverse cycles of incorruptible dogmatism reveal their celestial oligarchy
Tears shed upon my astonished face show the atonement of my spiteful soul
A gathering of millions sterile planets within one single atom

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