Salem Hill Stolen by Ghosts Lyrics

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I thought I felt your presence in the room
A tiny little ember glowing deep within the tomb
Illuminates the fragments on the floor of my cocoon
I thought I heard your voice upon the wind
Striking deep in places I've no power to defend
A tortuous reminder of the things that might have been
What is left of me now
Everything changed in the blinking of an eye
What is left for me now
You've taken away all that I loved most
My soul has been stolen by ghosts

All these years have passed me by
All that time, where did it fly
All that's left are memories and wondering what might have been
I'm lost but when I find the way I'll let you know
All that's left is emptiness
A hole where there was you
The walls still echo with your sound
When happiness was still around
I don't know why I'm still this way with everything in disarray
I can't find me again

There are times I could cry 'til I run out of tears when I think about all of the years we have lost and I can't help but feel that I'm slipping away 'cause I never imagined I'd pay such a terrible cost

What is left for me now
Everything stolen by ghosts
What is left of me now
All I was stolen by ghosts
In a heart full of darkness there's a light on the hill
Though the world can obscure it
It cannot be killed
In a soul that is barren there's a sparkle of light
Though at times I can't see it
It will bring me life
Hold on...

In a mind that is raging there's a morsel of peace
Though it's hard just to touch it
It will bring relief
In a body that's shattered
There's a part that is whole
At the end of the journey you regain control
Hold on...
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  • 2 All Fall Down
  • 3 Stolen by Ghosts
  • 4 The Future Me
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