Gallows End Storm of Fate Lyrics

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Listen! Hear my warning, it seems a storm is closing in
Rising from the depths below
A blood red moon is rising as a sign to mark the path
Of revolution here on earth
"When we reach our judgement day not a sin is left behind"

We live our lives through cables, letting go of sanity
In search of money, fortune and fame
Machines predict our future, yet we never seem to change
We’ve isolated mind from heart

We’re waging war on neighbours
Don’t give a f*** about our kids
We feed the green machine in l***
But all the money, all the power, that separates our lives
Won’t help on the judgement day so bow down
And pray, in vain
Mother earth is bleeding as we use her everyday
Without a thought of consequence
We’re making money on pollution
Spewing poison in our lakes
Without a thought we bring the end

We’re ignoring all the warnings
Letting greed dictate our lives
Building empires to hide the fact
That this world has come to it’s end
Sending missiles to destruction
Another journey through the dark
Without a thought we rule the stars
The day now turns to darkness
Sulphur clouds eclipse the sun
Thunderstorms rip the world apart
Humanity is bleeding from the scars self-made by man
Oblivious to the bitter end

Look to the burning ruins of what life used to be
Look to the fields of battle where souls scream in agony
No more the end is dawning, we’re left here in misery
We’re all victims of the storm of fate, storm of fate

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