Abdel Wright Strange World Lyrics

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Cork your ears if you don't like what me say Cork your ears if you don't like what me say Me a go spit out the truth Tired to see the youth them clean car glass And people a tell them 'bout them claat They are the future slipping fast Seems like they only aggravate Have you ever thought about their case Actions, navigate their fate Chorus I would like to change, Living in this strange world I would like to change, Reality sometimes the blame, Living in this strange world, Destiny play games Area leaders and thugs a run them turf Now shot a buss to blouse and skirt Innocent and the guilty getting hurt Me like to see the ghetto hold the peace But gunshot a spread like it's disease News on tv makes me weep Chorus
Abdel Wright Track Listing
  • 1 Quicksand
  • 2 Loose We Now
  • 3 Dust UnderCarpet
  • 4 Reuufest Times
  • 5 Human Behaviour
  • 6 Babylon Wall
  • 7 My Decision
  • 8 Paul Bogle
  • 9 Strange World
  • 10 Issues
  • 11 Main Street Kingston
  • 12 Troubled Waters

  • Written by: Abdel Wright
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