Uncle Ho Substance Lyrics

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Succumb to...phantoms that haunt the sphere inside outside
I am out on...a phantom limb of borrowed light
I resemble...resembelance...resemblance
Decends on me towards the sea
The soft breeze carries.the whitest blossoms to the sea
I function in fuctions of my flesh and blood and bones
I suffer variation:cylinder,sphere,cube and cone...wavestrucks,lover...what a lovly way to be

I am giving in , all things to everything

Central,pivolta...all lines of life converge on you
I can see you.i can see you wavering lines collapse into...
Substance,substance....how can i ever leave the man...i am?
The soft breeze....a thing is a thing inside your head

Everything Must Be Destroyed Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 International Klein Blue 75
  • 2 All Must Be Destroyed
  • 3 Euphoria
  • 4 Forever, Forever
  • 5 Talk to the Dead
  • 6 Open Weave
  • 7 Single
  • 8 Substance
  • 9 There Are Too Many Songs Already
  • 10 Greven
  • 11 Kill the Man You Love
  • 12 Coming Round
  • 13 Ready for Love
  • 14 Heckinghausen
  • 15 Repeat
  • 16 Reprise
  • 17 Incommunicado
  • 18 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
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