Babyland Subtraction Lyrics

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You take away all the complex calls
You take away the static hum
The cluttered cause Cut down on the wanting ways
The minus sign could save us all
You've got a negative action
This dark distraction
Take on the coldest of fashion
From the start
The art of subtraction
The art of a lie
The art of subtraction

Without pause we take
Why not embrace the loss
to leave anything...
You've got the negative action
A dark distraction
Wearing the minus of fashion
Torn apart
The art of subtraction
The art of the lie
The art of lies

You take it away

I thought I knew
I thought I held it in my hands...
When we
When we let things go
When we
When you let things grow
Cutting down to size
We find out what matters most
What matters?

This is a sign
This is a call
Act and engage
The art of subtraction

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