Queen of Hearts Surrender Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
We sit in silence, with eyes that never meet
Mouths that make no movement, with smiles beneath
Mistakes left unspoken, I try to reprehend
Our situation, I didn't understand

You don't give up, just need to give in
Confession starts the healing
If love was perfect, oh

Would it ever move me?
Would it make me feel alive?
How could it excite me?
If it never made me cry?

[Verse 2]
It's a language of violence, all of our deceit
Denying our feelings that lie beneath
We need to let down defenses so both of us can breathe
Confront the situation we're trying to defeat


[Chorus 2]
Would it ever move me?
(Move me now)
Would it make me feel alive?
How could it excite me?
(How could it excite me?)
If it never made me cry?

Would we find an answer?
(Answer now)
Would we ever move in time?
Would it make us stronger?
(Would it make us stronger?
Would it ever learn to fight?

Cleaning up the scarlet, love's still unknown
If we both surrender our scars will never show
In time we won't remember, sorrow's left to pass
If we can both surrender, we'll never have to ask

[Chorus 2]


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