1476 Swallow the Sun Lyrics

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Swallow The Sun

A severed hand, A b***** mouth
A silken rope that binds honour's demise
A loss of faith, A broken trust
The lion's smile blinds your burning eyes
A caged beast, A rebel soul
A betrayal that unwinds until the end of time
I will swallow the sun
I will set the world to come undone
And when my chains are broken the lemming hearts will run
I will swallow the sun
A show of teeth, A broken sword
The barge no longer holds, the flood, it flows
A shielded heart of rusted steel
A kinsman kills his own, His blood is cold
A loss of soul, a broken troth
The world the gods have sown will be swallowed

Betrayal is the card wolves are dealt
And we are in chains until the end
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