Salem Hill Symposium Lyrics

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A sermon to the walls
Manifesto to the chairs
Secret ideas to the ceiling
And I hope the floor has ears

I used to look forward to feeding time
But we haven’t been eye to eye in years
I’m swimming and brimming with pregnant thoughts
And I hope the floor has ears

Opinions for the stars
My solutions on the breeze
Sound deductions through the windows
I hope listening are the leaves

I’ve got some important things to say
And I used to be sure of the role I’d play
Knocking unlocking I’ve found the cure!
No one listens anyway

What else is there to do?

Processing, digesting
I have the Key
But there are no keys
Afraid, you won’t see
No hope to be heard
You’d run at a word
No chance to unveil my plan
And risk the prospect to better man

First breath beyond the bars
Benedictions at this birth
Possibilities unbridled
How attentive is the earth?

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