UnderThreat Syndrome of Alienation Lyrics

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Ignorance embrace us with its dark mantus
The past chase us, impregnating us
with its effects
Their errors and utopias arise over again
Through our acts.
The possibility to find the way
to perceive and interpretate events
In a coherent way
Is vanished, is contaminated
By external influences
Unrelated to the rigorous
searching of the essence
Slanted by the desesperate necessity
of knowing it all
Kepping as the last purpose
the satisfation of personal interests.
By this way we will never find the way
To the acceptance of our nature
Rationing lies inmerse in a eternal lie
As result of the infinite confluence
of conceptions.
Distortion of the facts
manipulation of hope
Advantaging of ignorance
immerses true knowledge

Subjecting us to the eternal vanishment
of knowledge.
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