Dom Kennedy T P O Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
This something for you boys who don't understand us there's only one West Side we about to call you blood
And when hear power they don't never jam us cuz they ain't true to what I do got me rubber band up so I
I stopped kicking knowledge, what do I know I ain't even finish college
Imma be abolished, gotta whole lot of promise when you look into these eyes baby tell me be honest
Is it the record? Oh you ain't get it put me with two girls all they gonna stay is with it
I been cheating on my bank account trynna stay committed I got checks somewhere that I ain't cashed man dig it
It's like we playing basketball and y'all playing tennis I'm just here to do business but not like that
She ain't got a job and got a spot like that? Damn, You know what that means

That pussy official (aye)
That pussy official (sing it, sing it)
That pussy official, you know what that means
That pussy official

[Verse 2]
The second verse for little mama my man she got her hands up
My grandpa still tell me "hey, pull your pants up"
We pull up the two of us, let me hit my fans up
We end up back in Vegas in the lobby Grand Luxe
I was young but I went to the Grand Canyon once
Now I'm at a stripper's house she making tacos rolling blunts
Hope they bring back Earl's really miss the player's punch
I'm the original Dom Kennedy I do my own stunts
If you print me on a t-shirt I'm gonna need it cut
When I call his girl's phone bro she gonna go nuts
The new Silverado we gonna go truck
Before I go out man, we always pour up
I told them thats alright then he froze up
Look back at me like nigga hold up
Remember that girl I was telling you about?
Damn, you know what that means


Throw them legs up (yeah)
Throw them legs up (yeah)
Throw them legs up (aye, aye, what's up)
Throw them legs up (uh)
Throw them legs up (uh)
Throw them legs up (yeah, lets go)
Throw them legs up (yeah)
Throw them legs up (yeah)
Throw them legs up (huh)

Other people's [?]
Haha, that's right


You know what that means

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