Idle Cure Take It Lyrics

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Quietly in your heart alone
Lies a feeling that you've never known
Hidden by all the pain that's there inside of you
And yet this feeling still shines thru
Deep Inside there's an open door
The path ahead you've never walked before
I know that fear Inside tells you to turn away
Listen to all He has to say

You've got to take it - take It from the start
His love can make it - deep inside your heart
Don't ever break it - don't deny the love He has for you
Don't let the cold wind of the world keep Him from you
So many men claiming to be wise
But only deep within your heart truth lies
Give Him a chance to show what you feel is true
He wants to give His love to you

He said the time shall not be known
But soon He will return
And He will lead us home

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