The Riptides Tammy's a Delinquent Lyrics

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Tammy's a delinquent, what can she do?
Her teachers don't care, and her parents sniff glue
Tammy's a delinquent, what can she do?
Her parents don't care, and her teachers sniff glue
Tammy's a delinquent and that's why we love her

It was back in 1989, she came 'round N' gave the boys a wink
A little cherry pie, daddy's girl, chewing gum
Dressed head to toe in pink
She had the world in her lap
She'd turn a punk into a prep
- But now she's different
Tammy's a delinquent...

Things all changed in junior high
She started a band and called themselves "The Clits"
She had the leather N' her hi-top shoes
took no shit, but flashed the boys her tits
she is a female Jimmy Dean
She is a punk-fuck Dairy queen
-N' that's why we love her
Tammy's a delinquent...

She's the kinda girl no man can tame
And we hope that she'll always stay the same
'Cause that's why we love her

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