Cadence Weapon Tattoos (And What They Really Feel Like) Lyrics

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so how much is this gonna run me? you know?
how much are tattoos usually?

it doesn't so much hurt that you can feel something
it varies from person to person, don't fear it
you paid for this and you wanted to be cool
you wanted a thing that'll last forever
when they trace around it, it doesn't really hurt
this explains why the outline's first
the pain only begins when they start shading in
when they talked thin line but i guess they didn't see me
paramount stress, the artist played my genre
i don't think i'll let him work on me again
am i suppose to be bleeding this much?
is it common for a youth alcoholic to have thin blood?
but i gotta thick skin and i've had a couple flesh wounds
you aren't the first and you won't be the last
i read all the facts and the stacks before this
wait?....what did you ask?

i'm i talking about something else?
well i usually am, you just don't know me that well
were on a strictly customer to employee basis at this point
if i continue to get work from you
maybe i'll invite you into my personal life
where you'll hear more confusions over pints of beer
i'll look into having unemotional s__
with an average looking stranger
wouldn't you like to do that?

don't go and ask how i got my heart stolen
it tainted love like Gloria Jones and Mark Bolan:
it never woulda worked
i keep my hammers on the ones she keeps his lock with a smirk
talked with a jerk and he said i was awkward at shows
cause i pulled my shirt down and i tapped with my toes
see, i rap within prose but i don't really do it for my friends
words were a means to an end
the other day i tried to be the bigger man
i hear she's seeing someone now
i guess i just figured out she had cold feet
and i kick sore ones so lets put them together
and help each other walk
i comment on relationships, mostly the poor ones
she doesn't call me, she doesn't really wanna talk
i empty out glasses , i use to make passes
but i think she only likes guys with glasses...".what was that"?

do i wanna hear a different song? well i guess
i mean, i'm okay with this "quantum" s___
they have a really good discography, they're a great label
me, im just a really sensitive dude, you know?
you shouldn't phone me for being too loose with my emotions
you probably hear this sort of thing all the time right?
your a cheaper shrink and you put something on me

i love the ones that hurt me like the Venus in Furs author
hit me and i'll take the offer, i'll keep it close
i reap the pros with the cons that i know
they keep a heavy heart under the lines that they tow
i'm thinking about another piece greed had a friend that once
gave me some shots, so i can give him a shot
i'm looking for something, you know?... really says something!
like i'd never date you or maybe the hyro logo
before that tour, i wish you didn't decide to go home
i wish you'd wear me out like vinyl promos....Stephanie!
i tried hard, i wish she wouldn't get the best of me
i think she left me with the bill like Belamy, your telling me
i hear a lot of things about me
but stick to what i said to you in private
my roommate asked why you'd stopped coming by
you were clear when you told Eric "Beatsteaks is Hot!"

so it actually does hurt in the end
but i'm done writing songs about her
you know what i mean?
why would you obsess over a girl who doesn't like you?
i mean, some people make careers over stuff like that
...but not me , i'm a Pisces like Andre Nickatina

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