Zero Zero Team Minus Zero Lyrics

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Up again
We're getting up again
Theres work to be done
And we'll get it done
So lets get up again
Get up again
The time to sleep is through
Work the whole day through
So lets get up again
Get up again
Always its up agains
So you better get up my friend
So get up
Get up
Get up
I've got one chance
Before its over
Just sit on my couch
And smoke marijuana

AM Gold Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 True Zero
  • 2 AM Gold
  • 3 Pink and Green
  • 4 Hello, How Are You?
  • 5 Pep Sounds
  • 6 Listen, Listen
  • 7 Xanadu
  • 8 Back to Hell
  • 9 Speed Garage
  • 10 D Minus
  • 11 Team Minus Zero
  • Artists A to Z: