Stacey Earle Tears That She Cries Lyrics

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Oh girl here you go again
Today what world are you living in
Does your world just tickle you pink
Or is it as blue as an ocean where little boats sink

While little miss denial is sittin' on high cotton
All is well, as long as forgotten
Wipe off the wall, pick up your tin pans
Runs to the sink to wash off her hands

Upon your high horse, life is just too short
Same little girl wouldn't jump off the front porch
So afraid we might see eye to eye
And I'll see that gleam, it's just tears that you cry

The tears that you cry, that rains on parades
Then trickle on down, someone open the gate
Till the streets all run dry, and the whole town was saved
While under the ground to the ocean with rage

Sleeping beauty gets her sleep at night
Wake up in the morning everything is snow white
Only one thing in her garden still grows
What else could it be, smells just like a rose

But she will snatch it right from it's stem
And the thorn will prick her, just like a pen
And as the water begins to fill up her eyes
It will make up the tears that she cries


Written by: Stacey Earle

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