Bethany Dillon Tell Me Lyrics

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Tell me of a time when all this gray wasn't such a fight
A road I'd stay on for so long
How long have I been this way?
I'm so addicted to feeling guilty
Like the edge of a cliff, it's about to kill me
All the reasons why You wouldn't want to love me

Could I be loved by You?
I've got so much to prove

So tell me when this night is over
And the curtain falls
That I will know the truth
When it's the only thing that's standing tall

Still I know it's like pulling teeth
To try and convince me
That Your mercy can be bigger than what I deserve
I guess I'm just afraid to go head first
Into such a wave, drowning in wonder and peace
Knowing that it will never make sense

That I am loved by You
Really loved by You

Unchangeable, unconquerable
Immovable, irremovable
Unwavering, untiring
Unflinching, stubborn love of God

Written by: Chester Burnett

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