Non Serviam Temptation of Blood Lyrics

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Awaits the day when screams are heard
The vampire is once again reborn
When the moon, strikes full

Screams from the cold winter night
Screams from the vampire's bite
Immortalized souls have gathered once again
The christian woman is now dead

The dark age has now arrived
I feel the temptation of blood
My heart is full of hate
When my teeth reach her throat

Between Light And Darkness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Temptation of Blood
  • 2 Obscurity Unveiled
  • 3 Between Light And Darkness
  • 4 Satan's Spree
  • 5 The Enchanting Dance Of Mischief
  • 6 Face Behind The Mirror
  • 7 Infernal Spirit
  • 8 Queen of Beauty
  • 9 Sins And The Embracing Of Shades
  • 10 Throne Of Mendes
  • 11 Sense Of Withering
  • 12 Melody Of Grief
  • 13 Outro
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