Babyland Test Pilot Lyrics

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If we're descendants of power and grace
We're caught in such a desperate state.
The way things may have been is now compromised?
What do we salvage?
Standing on my own. I'm here because of them.
For those who carried on. Should I struggle for the same?
Whatever I may find is free to all who care.
A gift of false rewards. A promise of nothing.

I could see them, see them look away.
I could see them all cover the tracks of their past.
I wasn't let in when they knew what was coming.
Wide eyes. Inexperience.
They never told me what nothing meant.
Lead on into the ugliest mess.
Pass it off as a search for tomorrow.
"What needs to be done, needs to be done."
And I take it on though I know it's too much.
I'm overwhelmed and exhausted from building it up.
The constant attack.
I keep my head up high just like a test pilot.
Do you remember? Or, do you recall all the bullshit involved?
The lines I was fed just to keep me from quitting.
Will you remember when you forget? Who tested it out.
Who's still in the hole. Who's still at the bottom.
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