Gappy Ranks Thanks and Praise Lyrics

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[Chorus - Gappy Ranks]
Even though it’s hard
It gets rough
Looking out mi life I’ve been through so much stuff
A million times mi could a runaway
But mi stand firm
Because mi know seh mi must make it one day

[Chorus - Delly Ranx]
Nuff people playa hate
The devil and him friends dem a try test mi faith
And a million times mi could a runaway
Like a plane pon di runway

[First Verse - Gappy]
They say I never make it
But on the road mi coulda turn mi never take it
It was so easy to be a drug dealer (Jah know)
Peer pressure coulda turn mi inna killer

[First Verse - Delly]
Gappy dem fool nuh get you down
Mi stand up pon solid grund
As a ghetto youth from Kingston town
Words dem a fling out a road coulda break my bone
Mi know dem from in di first round


[Second Verse - Gappy]
When push come to shove mi nuh sell out
Sometime mi feel like mi locked up and mi wan fi get di hell out
True badmind a gwan mi have some fake friend fell out
When problems arise dem a dip out

[Second Verse - Delly]
But true, me purer than the water dem a drink
I'm nothing false, I know when dem I ?
And I go make dem never push me over the brink
For me foresee the things dem a think

I was born as a Ranks
Grow up as a Ranks
Like the great Delly Ranx so mi have fi give thanks
Mi a shine like a star dem see mi from a distance
Oo when badmind a chat mi, mi nuh response

I was born as a Ranks
Raised as a Ranks
Like the great Shabba Ranks, Gappy Ranks, Cutty Ranks
Badmind keep yuh distance
The hypocrite people they need no response


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