Babyland The Advance Lyrics

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The problem with you
When everything's fine you want to move forth
The problem with you
You're not satisfied with sucking the past
I gave your breath
You wanted lungs to take in the air
I gave you your hands
Ungrateful to gifts
You looked to the sky
I gave you a thought
You needed machines to take on the burden
I gave you your words
You used them to fight me
You want to destroy me
Get on with it
Do what you must
Your looking to fail
I offer you safety
You're never fulfilled
Don't follow me
Well f*** you then
Just stay away and stick to you past
I want what's to come and if it's pain
I'll face the s*** head on
Built to advance
I'm not the same as yesterday
Why not decide
Instead of being forced into an end
History's dead
Learned what I could
I know I must move on
Clinging to dates
No way you can progress
There's just no way
Blinders are on
It's straight ahead and almost in our grasp
With blinders on
There is no doubt
The future is now
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