Occult The Black Are Rising Lyrics

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We summon the almighty clouds of darkness
Now we will rise as never before
We will release the powers inside us
A statue will be left after this
The black...
The black...
The black...
The black...are...rising!
I saw a million dead lying in this field
I saw a million soldiers praising themselves
I saw a thousand people torture the weak
I saw a thousand children hanging on trees
I saw rivers containing blood and flesh
I saw houses burning down the ground
I saw bodies bursting out of granets
I saw babies smashed to the wall
This is war!!!
Prepare to Meet Thy Doom Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Leader in War
  • 2 The Black Are Rising
  • 3 After Thriumph
  • 4 Prepare to Meet Thy Doom
  • 5 And Darkness Shall Begin
  • 6 Almighty Horde
  • 7 Whispering Tear
  • 8 The Nazerene Whore
  • 9 Elements in Black
  • 10 Quest for the Spirits
  • 11 Outro
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