Rhett & Link The Cheese Rap Lyrics

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Why you up in this store? What you looking for? Cheese?
I'm cheddar, I'm much better than the rest of these
Don't speak too fast, you need to get a load of dis. I'm Swiss
Alright, white boy, they get the gist...
Got more holes in my body than my boy 50-cent
Curdled on the streets - Geneva represent!
We're Vinny and Louie forget about the other cheeses
We're so hardcore, you gotta grate us to eat us
You other chumps are weak
If you ask me
I can bring you to your knees with my pungency
I'm not weak I'm strong
I'll add flavor to your salad all night long

We know you want to put us in your mouth and chew, don't you? We know you do!

I'm old, I'm stuck in my ways
I'm stuck in you're teeth and in you're breath for days
I got mo' flavor then y'all
I make a wicked cheese ball
My hobbies include doing bird-call
Can someone take over for me?
I'm living large in a condo
If I break a hip don't put me in a home bro
But paps, you don't even have a hip though
This is breaking my heart, just tell them what they want yo

We know you want to put us in your mouth and chew, don't you? we know you do!
We know you want to put us in your mouth and chew, don't you?
You know, we know, we know you do!

- So, what kind of cheese you wanna get?
- I don't think I'm in the mood for cheese

You know, we know, we know you do
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