Hammercult The Damned Lyrics

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Forever betrayed by the righteous
Alone in the eye of the storm
But no man can shatter my spiit
By strength and by steel I will roam
Into the eyes of the d***ed
Gazing at the truth of my soul
Cursed yet forever unbound
Immortal I stand above all
We are the ones against the grain
We are the d***ed and we are free
Dethrone the saints and messiahs
We take back our fate in our hands
By free will we rule this empire
Forever we're cursed and condemned
There are no chains that can hold me
No blade that can pierce through my skin
I'm covered by the marks of pure evil
So proudly adorned by my sins

Rise in the tide of destruction
We strike in the heart of the source
Our birth rights of free will and freedom
Are taken by blood and by force

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