Earth Flight The Day That Was the Day Lyrics

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When the dawn becomes breakdown
It is like the drop of 1000 bombs
Although the birth is just a promise
For endless dying till demise
Am I betrayed by the existence?
You are playing with my bitterness
I always thought about the crying
And never lived for my own death
But every life is just a stopping place
It is a promise in what's to be
A resting place along a lonely road
A road to sweet eternity

And if I close my eyes I see them
They are still around me in my dreams
And now it's you who walks beside me
There is nothing ever like it seems
Blue Hour Confessions Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 By the Light of the Moon
  • 2 Noonday Demon
  • 3 Restless
  • 4 Deadheads - A Love Song?
  • 5 The Day That Was the Day
  • 6 Carnivale
  • 7 Tideland
  • 8 Other Side of the Rings
  • 9 Elliot
  • 10 The Organ
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