1476 The Demons in the Circle Lyrics

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The Demons In The Circle

I wonder what's been going on with you since our lives got rearranged
And I know you fear and question things but, baby, it's not all that strange
You might grab your crucifix and pray and pray and pray
But we'll all haunt our old addictions by the end of the day
I know I sometimes smoke a lot and drink too much but my spirit's never changed
And everything that's ever happened, good or bad, has brought me to this day
And I know I sometimes stumble along the way
But the fire in my heart has always kept the monsters at bay
We all come back to the places we know
You can't run from your only home
And, for all I've seen, this is the only home I know

I drove up the hill so many times to see the sea that lies beyond the way
And after all these years of living here I've finally come to love the grey
But a feeling of anxiety surrounds me in this place
Because I've got so much left to do before I can rest in this place
So I stare into this ocean's blue; as cold as a goddess' eyes
And I close my eyes and breathe the air knowing that I'll have to bide my time
And know that I'll come back to the place I love someday
When all is said and done and nothing's in my way
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