Abhorrent Castigation The Empty Throne Lyrics

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Do humans fear the truth?
Or do they fear the will to truth?
You shall become a child to realize
What stands behind the heavenly things
You shall become a child
For the questions of a child unlock the world
And let you see further
Than any man before

To rip away the veil of deceit
To humiliate oneself
To drum up the courage
To drown your eyes in the blackness of s***e

The throne of worlds is abandoned
The dust of ages as an heir
Still the blood of gods dropping down
From the orphaned stone
To ascend the stairs to eternity
To carry the light with steady steps
The universe that grasps itself
A little, fearless light in the dark

I was blind but now I see
No gods above us
Only s***e and time
As far as the eye can reach
Humiliated it has me and then elevated
Made me the architect of my existence
The sight of the empty throne
A look in the mirror it was as well

Who will feed our souls?
Who will plant hope?
Who will create and who will fight?
Who if not us?

What sense remains in fatherlessness?
To give the earth an earth sense
To suffer and laugh
To die and live

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