Babyland The End of All Summers Lyrics

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I sent away
I sent away for this solitude
The answers and aim
End up far removed
From the backstage
Where I
I scream dissent
I destroyed their trust
Their confidence
And now I want to kill the rest

I got my back to the sun
Will I ever see stars?
'''Will I ever move on?'''
From this place
The curtain

We got our backs to the sun
We will never see stars
We will never move on
From this place...

So, what will they say?
When you tell them that your leaving
That you found a new way
That things aren't the same
What will they do?
Will they notice that you're gone?
Will they notice...
Did they notice you at all?
Did they notice you at all?
and did they notice you
notice you

What do we
What do we say
At the end of the summer
When our love
Our run is over
What do we
What do we do
When the colors and cast
Twist in light
How can we
How can we choose
How do we decide?

And what do we
What do we say
As the caring collapse
The seasons die
What do we
What do we have
If it's all been
All been...?

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