Pagan Fears The Endless Outcry of Grief Lyrics

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In the endless outcries of grieves
A painful voice screams of pain
And sweet dreams become in nightmares.
Happiness is corrupted by melancholy
And we enjoy the pain; the only ideal.
DEATH, Yeah! Take my hand and take me
A kiss, a gentle touch and a goodbye.
We crucified a fool and now the world
Try to crucify us to save our pains and
Make them grow.
In the confines of my mind I get lost
And for sure I will never get out of there
And dazed by sad melodies I cry.
Hapiness is dead and become sweet
Drowning in a tasteless sea
I'm dying and nobody ever saved me.
I cry because all I had.
I lost everything and now the night arrives
The endless outcry is gone
The endless outcry of grief.

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