Salem Hill The Future Me Lyrics

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Lifetimes lost while proving the dinosaurs
Ages argue faith versus fact
Battle - chapter 3, verses 4 through 9
Draw it out - you can make it a war 'til you can't feel your core
Baptized in the din of discussion
Dogma and it's all in your head
Sermons on my neighbors and how they fail
In the end, while there's so much we lack
One more easy attack
One more pat on the back
Like a shadow of light faintly breaking the night
Nothing bright when I'm seen - more of a speck than a beam and I know I'm not free
One step further from the future me

Like a shadow of light faintly breaking the night
Nothing bright, not a gleam - more of a twig than a tree
Though I'm beyond the seed
Still no closer to the future me
Searching for my purpose while blind the in the dark
Nowhere in these earthly bonds found
She calls me - calls my name out here in the streets
See her smile and I feel my heart race
But I can't see her face
She takes my hand and I'm suddenly pulled inside
Sits me down and she draws me some tea from the shelf beckoning dusty leathered leaves
Reveal planet Earth's masterpiece through a window I see
A mirror to me
An explosion of light waves destroying the night
Reflected glory I see
Finally the true me
Now I know that I'm free
Safe in steps towards the future me

Keep me safe in the future
Keep me safe in Your arms
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