BirdPen The Ghost Bird Lyrics

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Tracking chasing looking not seeing you. I can't keep the weight from my eyes. Feeling nothing shadows creeping up the trees. All the way up to the sky. Waiting watching observing the green. Breathless impatient shatters the dream. A glimpse through the wind of the sight I hold in my heart. The thought of never seeing you. Is tearing me apart. Tearing me apart.
On/Off/Safety/Danger Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Breaking Precedent
  • 2 Airspace
  • 3 Off
  • 4 Machines Live Like Ordinary People
  • 5 Man on Fire
  • 6 The Ghost Bird
  • 7 Admiral Red
  • 8 Slow
  • 9 The Birds and the Antennas
  • 10 Thorns
  • 11 Cold Blood
  • 12 I Stare Out Windows (Bonus Track)
  • 13 Off (Archive Remix) [Bonus Track]
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