Salem Hill The Great Steropticon Lyrics

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I will scorch your epitaph “amuse me”
Liquid crystal display on your coffin lid
And then remote control for the “other side”
Which poor soul gets voted off the island this week?
Couldn’t “cross over” the 10 foot living room
Maybe you can take it with you after all

It got so sad – your life as “Viscount Voyeur”
Your flesh was willing and your spirit just as weak
Pathetic circles spinning through this universe
Surrogate Elijahs breathe their fiery curse
Was it as fun for her as it was for your pride?
Underneath it all I find no underneath

The spark He gave you--never a fire
The years of becoming--when will you be?

Not even a thought Craving realistic
Eating realism avoiding real

I will scorch your epitaph “amuse me”
Your fifteen minutes locked in syndication

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