Icarus The Owl The Hum of a Ceiling Light Lyrics

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For years I have sworn I was done gloating
about the souls I haven't crushed. Sinking.
Feeling too much like a wolf; howling
at the night sky. I am torn- floating on.

Is this what you call love?
A giant diamond ring.
I have seen enough
to know that faith is flawed.

I thought I was seeing red.
Can't count them on my hands
Anything, i'd do anything to change.
I'm out of breath to catch
It all happened so fast
There's nothing here and there's nothing left to break.

It's impossible to look upon your face again
and not think of what you did to your friends.

Locked in a cellar down below the house.
The sound of music was the squeaking of a mouse.

The hum of a ceiling light will bid me good night.

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